Strategy Advisor Service

You know you need a strategy for your business, and it would be even better if you had expert assistance.

  • You know that engaging consultants will cost at least $100,000
  • Your team can contribute, but none of them have the cross-functional vision and breadth to formulate strategy
  • You will ask your boss/Board for feedback, but you want to show them a more finished version

Who can help you?


What you really need is someone you can trust to be fully on your side, experienced in strategy development and up-to-date on the latest strategic issues. You want a thought partner, to guide, challenge and leverage your time as you develop your strategy........who is also affordable........sounds too good to be true, but the solution is now at hand!

We can customise whatever support you need........remotely to keep the cost low:

  • Collect the best strategic thinking of your team and and create a synthesis for you
  • Upfront input on important strategic issues and analysis, providing customised powerpoint strategy templates for strategic analysis
  • Review your strategic analysis and provide feedback and ideas for alternative strategies
  • Feedback on your draft strategic plan before it is finalised¬†and suggestions to help you execute
  • WhatsApp/Wechat Helpline to support you throughout your strategy development process

Your Advisor, Chris Doran is experienced across multiple industries:

  • FMCG as Strategy Director for Diageo (Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Baileys)
  • Retail as Strategy Director for AS.Watson (Health and Beauty, electronics, grocery)
  • Real Estate as Strategy Director for Lend Lease (Construction and Development)
  • Internet as CEO for Inventory Management SAAS start-up
  • Industrial as McKinsey Manager for projects in energy, chemicals, and automotive

You are guaranteed personal "Bait and Switch" to juniors!

Chris Med

Put your mind at rest......we are confident that your service will deliver on your expectations. If you are not satisfied with the value you receive, we offer a money-back guarantee

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