Frameworks Database

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Strategic Analysis – Customer

Available Market

Barriers to Adoption

Basis of Competition

Product Feature Matrix

Customer Journey

Innovation Adoption Curve


Perceptual Map

Segmentation Analysis

Whole Product


Strategic Analysis – Competitor

Asymmetries Analysis

Benchmark cost structure – apples-to-apples

Brand Awareness-Differentiation Framework

Competitive Map

Competitive Position

Competitive Reputation


First Mover Advantage

Game Theory

Market Share snapshot/trajectory

Price/Value Diagram

Prisoners Dilemma

Segmentation Analysis

Share-Growth Matrix


Strategic Analysis – Company

ABC (Activity Based Costing)

Activity Map

BCG Matrix

Balanced Scorecard Map

Brand Essence

Business Unit

Cash Cow

Competitive Advantage

Core Competence

Cost of Capital

Customer Adoption Model

                                  Driving Force

Economic Profit


Lewin Forces at Work

                                  Natural Owner

Parenting Style

Portfolio Profitability

Product/Market Matrix

Profit/Sales/Share trend by product/channel/customer/business unit/market

Profit Tree


Resources/Processes/Values Framework

Role of the Corporate Centre

Root Cause Analysis

Share-Return Graph

Sum-of-Parts Valuation

SWOT Analysis

Value Chain – Internal

                                  Value Proposition


Strategic Analysis – Industry

Barriers to Entry

Barriers to Exit

Boundary of the Organisation

Channel Conflict

Channel Analysis


Distribution Clout

Economies of Scale

Experience Curve

Key Success Factors

Lifecycle Model

Market Size & growth by product/segment/channel/geogpaphy

Network Effects

PEST(LE) Analysis

Porter’s Five Forces

Profit Pool

SCP model

Value Chain – External


Strategic Analysis – See the Future

360 Trends

Bundling and Unbundling

Demand/Supply Analysis

Disruptive vs Sustaining Innovation

Doom Loop

Extreme Users today

Future Competition Radar Screen

Future Trends Matrix


Inflection Point

Natural End Points


Scenario-based Planning

Smile Curve

Systems Thinking

Value Migration

Virtuous/Virtuous Circle

“What If…….”


Create Options – Generate

Ansoff Matrix

Blue Ocean Matrix

Brand Stretch

Business Model

‘Chicken and Egg’ Problems

Driving Force

Innovation Types

International Growth Strategy Matrix

Long Tail

Osterwalder Business Model Canvas

Value Disciplines

“What If” cards


Create Options – Evaluate


Complex Systems vs Volume Operations


GE Matrix

Impact/Ease Matrix

Poker Betting Strategy


Our Strategy – Define


BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

Economic Engine

Hedgehog Concept

Strategic Triangle

Strategy in less than 40 words


Our Strategy – Plan Action

Catalytic Mechanisms

Core and Context

Detailed Targets – Product/Market

Gap Analysis

Initiative Portfolio

Make vs Buy

Risk Management

Stop Doing List


Our Strategy – Align

7S Model

Balanced Scorecard

Catalytic Mechanisms

Communicating strategy

Flywheel Concept

Leading vs Lagging Indicators

Link to Budget and People Processes

Organisational Design

Our Strategy – Evolve

Business Intelligence

Lean Start-up Principles

Monitoring execution