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Download a Powerpoint Template for your Brand Plan

Save time while crafting a professional quality brand plan

  • If you are the type of person who hates reinventing the wheel and wasting time
  • Don’t get intimidated by a blank document, get a Minimum Viable Product of your brand plan up fast, then start iterating!
  • End up with a plan that flows logically and covers all the key angles
  • Don’t miss out on many examples of insightful charts/analysis for you to customise for your business
  • Download a 47 Page Powerpoint document including charts on available market, perceptual map, product/market matrix, customer funnel, RTM Map, Brand Essence, Whole Product, Marketing Mix, projected financials

If brands are not critical to your business, try the Strategic Plan Template instead

If you just want more in-depth understanding of your situation, try the Strategic Analysis Template

Or get all three at a discounted price!


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